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Wood Flooring

Wood is a justifiably unique material. As well as being renewable and sustainable, it is incredibly strong and versatile. It feels good to the touch and smells good too, yet the most beautiful thing about it is it's visual appearance. It enhances almost everything – stone, glass, textiles and metal to name but a few.

Wood Floors

Five main reasons why people like hardwood floors so much.

1. Cosmetic Look. They inspire elegance

2. Convenience. They're easier to clean

3. Practical. Require less maintenance

4. Variety. You can choose from cherry wood,

     oak, birch, mahogany, bamboo, engineered

     wood, or vinyl

5. Price. On time, hardwood floors are a more cost-effective investment in your property.

Wood Floors
Top 4 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring​
Wood Floors
  • Aesthetics. One of the most obvious benefits of wood flooring is the lovely aesthetic it adds to a space. 

  • Easy to Clean. Another well-loved benefit of hardwood flooring is its low maintenance qualities

  • Durability

  • Increased Value. Equity

Hardwood Flooring FAQs
Wood Floors

Is wood floor better than tile? Hardwood floors are generally easier to care for compared to tile floors. Hardwood requires regular sweeping or vacuuming, plus the occasional use of a hardwood floor cleaner. Tile flooring, on the other hand, needs to be swept and mopped regularly and the grout lines can become caked with dirt and grime.

What are the Characteristics of Hardwood? Longevity: Hardwood produces a very high quality product that offers great durability over time. Easy maintenance: Hardwood is easy to clean, and scratches and dents can be fixed. Strength: The trees' dense cellular structure gives the timber incredible strength.

​​8 Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring. Enhance the Look of Your Home.  * Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean.  * Strong & Durable.  * Adds Value to Your Home.  * Better Air Quality.  * Looks Good in All Décor Theme.  * Long-Lasting & Cost-Effective. * Color Doesn't Fade.

Is it OK to have two different color wood floors? Put simply, the answer to the question do wood floors have to match room to room, is entirely one of personal choice. You can choose to have different flooring in each room if that works for you, but synergy and flow from selecting one central flooring material can look wonderful too.

Is it OK to have different flooring on different levels? If you have different floors in each room, rather than just having one level throughout your home, then it might be okay to have different colors and textures as long as they are all connected by other parts of your home. You'll want to make sure you choose colors and types that will complement each other.

​What are 5 physical characteristics of wood? The main physical properties of wood include: color, luster, texture, macro-structure, odor, moisture, shrinkage, internal stresses, swelling, cracking, warping, density, sound - electro - thermal conductivity. Сolor, shine, texture and macrostructure determine the appearance of wood.

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