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Carpet Runners

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We stock carpet runners that comes in a variety of lengths and widths. The standard runner rug is between 2 and 3 feet wide, and can range from 6 to 14 feet long. Ideally, you should have 4 to 5 inches of flooring visible on all sides of your runner.
In areas of heavy traffic, runners can protect wood floors or even carpeting. Adding a pad under a runner can give even more protection for your flooring and create comfort underfoot.
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Carpet Runners FAQs

Is it OK to put a runner over carpet? No, it's not a good idea. Typically, runners are installed over wood floors on stairs because rugs require a sturdy, firm surface to prevent shifting. They are often secured in place with caulking or anti-slip rubber backing.

How do you stop a carpet runner from moving on carpet? Non-slip rug pads made explicitly for carpet-to-carpet anchoring like the Carpet Lock rug pad made of felt and natural rubber. double-sided rug tape. Silicone caulk.

How do I choose the right size runner? Standard hallway runners measure between two and three feet wide and run between 6 and 14 feet long. It is ideal to choose a runner that matches the shape of the hallway. Keep in mind that it is also best that the length of the runner never extends into the space of another room

Should a runner cover the whole hallway? Your Runner Shouldn't Be The Exact Length Of Your Hallway. Let it be a little shorter and centered to the length of your hallway. Just like how you want to give the sides breathing room, you also want to give the top and bottom some space too

Do you need a pad under a runner? Unless you choose a runner with a non-slip backing, you will need to use carpet padding. Ideally, carpet padding should be used under any rug that is at risk of sliding around

Do carpet runners make stairs safer? If you have pets, children, or seniors in your home, a stair runner or wall-to-wall carpeted steps can be a safer choice. Carpet offers traction and cushion in case of any slips or falls, plus the added comfort of a softer and warmer landing pad for bare feet walking up and down the stairs.

How do I keep my rug corners from curling up on the carpet? Using rug tape is a simple and effective method to keep your corners down once they've started curling. All you need to do is apply tape to the corners of the rug and it will hold the corners down until the tape loses its stickiness

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